FAQ's Relating to Acrylic Blanks 

What's your turnaround time? 


We recently welcomed our baby boy to the world and we massively under estimated just how much work he was going to be!

That coupled with the fact that we are now busier than ever it's had a bit of a knock on effect with how quickly we can process orders meaning our current turnaround time is approx. 7 working days.

We are in the process of hiring someone purely to process orders so as soon as they're trained up we will be brining that turnaround time back down to a few days.


You will receive an email automatically with tracking details as soon as the order has been shipped. Adding additional items to an order already placed, will most likely delay an order, it all depends on whether we've already cut out the original items. 

I need an order in a rush?

Even though we do have set cut days, we will always do our best to help out when we can - just let us know what you need and for when you need it for and we'll try to squeeze you in.


How much is postage?

£0 - £10 = £4.00

£10.01 - £20 = £5.50

£20.01 - £75 = £7.50

£75+ = FREE

If you'd rather handle your own postage, we're happy to provide you with the dimensions/weight of your parcel for you to have it collected from our workshop.

Can I collect? 

Unfortunately, since moving workshops we are no longer able to offer collection as an option. The collection option you may see when placing an order is so that anyone who wants to add products to an order can do so without paying for shipping twice. 

How do I order? Do you do custom acrylic shapes?

Most things are now available on the website but if what you need isn't listed, just send me a message via: hello@signsandprops.com and I'll email over prices followed by an invoice that'll have a payment link for you to pay by card or Paypal or bank transfer.

Please include the following information with your message:

The size, shape and quantity,

the material, finish and thickness,

any holes or slits needed and their dimensions. 

Along with an email address (unless your emailing us) and a shipping address.

Do you charge for holes? 

Nope :)

Just let us know how big you want them. The most common size for string / thread is between 2-5mm if you've got a particularly thick thread you may want to go bigger. I highly recommend measuring! 

I'm using ribbon, what size hole should I go for?

You may prefer to opt for a slit rather than a hole again if that's the case, just let us know (with measurements please)


Do you do any other colours or finishes?

We can get hold of almost any colour and finish of perspex/acrylic, however, we only stock the materials currently listed on the pricelist.

The materials listed on the pricelist, we buy in bulk so we benefit from a discount which we pass on to you. If you're looking for a small amount of a certain colour it's likely to be considerably more expensive per item than if you were to buy in bulk, which would enable us to buy a sheet.

If I get multiple request for the same colour, I'll consider adding it to the stock list or buying a sheet in to fulfil those particular orders. So if you're interested in a certain colour please do let me know as others may be interested too. 



Why do your prices change and how often can I expect them to change? 

So our prices only change when our suppliers change - ordinarily they stay fairly steady but with COVID demand for acrylic has increased - this demand has caused prices to fluctuate. I will always do my best to absorb price changes where I can and keep prices steady for you as I know it'll affect your business and margins too. You'll always find the most up to date prices on our website. 

Do you charge VAT?

Nope! One of the benefits of being a small business is that we are not yet at the point of having to charge VAT.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not, we're currently only shipping within the UK. If the demand is there we may opt to expand but not for the time being.

Why are your prices higher on Etsy? Are the products different?

Our prices are higher on Etsy for the simple fact of having to pay Etsy fees.

People may wonder why I don't just sell the products on my website for what I sell them for on Etsy, however I see the two platforms as having different purposes.

So buying via Etsy can sometimes work out cheaper if you're just looking to buy one or two items as I charge less for P&P as usually the order sizes are smaller. Whereas on my website even though the P&P is more expensive this is counterbalanced by the fact that the individual items are cheaper.

I generally recommend wholesale or small business customers buy through my website and then those that are just buying for themselves or small projects go through Etsy. 

As a business we make around the same on each platform. 

Where are you based?

We're based in Birmingham so all of our acrylic blanks are manufactured here, to order in the UK. 

Do you use cast or extruded acrylic?

We use genuine Perspex for all our items - except the mirrored acrylic, which we still buy from Perspex, they just don't manufacture it themselves.

All of the acrylic we sell is cast rather than extruded, so I believe it is suitable for sublimating. Again, I'm unsure as to whether the mirror is cast or extruded - I will need to check and update this then I have an answer. 

Do you sell wholesale?

All the prices on our website are set at wholesale prices, whether buying 1 or 100 - meaning you get a great price no matter the amount you need. That said, we always want to stay competitive so if you've found a supplier selling the exact same product as us for cheaper, please get in touch and we'll see if we can beat it.